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Activity Report

Launch events of Project GenZAI and the Moonshot R&D Program funded by the Cabinet Office, Japan

‘Project GenZAI’ is funded by the JST “Moonshot R&D Programs”, the Cabinet Office Japan. In the launch meeting onn Jan 8th 2021, Prof. Toshie Takahashi, Director of Project GenZAI introduced her concept of “Human First Innovation” which emphasizes a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary approach in terms of human centered innovation in the fields of AI and robotics.

In the Moonshot R&D program, the PD is Prof. Toshio Fukuda, (President of IEEE), and PM is Prof. Shigeki Sugano(robotics, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University). Prof. Takahashi has been appointed as PI and the other PIs are Prof. Tetsuya Ogata (AI engineer) and Prof. Yoshihiro Muragaki (neurosurgeon).

On Mar. 28th 2021, the opening international symposium of the Moonshot R&D Program was held. The theme was ‘If AI and Robots were to be partners of human beings in 2050, How would society be changed?’ In this event, Prof. Takahashi gave the keynote speech, entitled, “Human First Innovation”. The theme was how to create an AI / Robot Society in 2050 which would bring happiness to people.

On Apr. 9th, the IEEE published Professor Takahashi’s suggestion, “Human First Innovation” in the Press Release.

We will continue announcing our upcoming activities